What are everlasting flowers?

what are dried everlasting flower arrangements

I always wanted to be one of those people who had an abundance of gorgeous plants (especially palms) in my home! I just LOVE the aesthetic! BUT...The day came where I realised that even my trusty CACTUS was actually DEAD. It was then and there that I realised, that the plant-mum life just wasn't going to be for me! 
But that's ok! The universe had something else in store for me!! And soon enough I would find my true calling, making everlasting flower arrangements.

I realised that I could STILL surround myself with natures treasures, and receive the benefits and joy that nature brings, without having to almost be a full blown botanist, just to keep a fiddle leaf tree alive!

You won't find me planting seeds, and putting down chicken poop in pot plants at my home...
But you will find me amongst the most incredible, wide range of flowers and stems that are dried and preserved to stand the test of time! 
I forage, and carefully source incredibly stunning flowers, grasses, leaves, stems and more from nature to bring you everlasting floral arrangements, that require almost no care or effort and will bring nature into your home too.

Everlasting flowers are REAL flowers from nature,
(at Beach to Bloom we do not use any imitation/ artificially produced flowers or stems).
Your stems will last between 3 months to 5 yrs.
They are dried and or preserved, meaning they go under a process to keep their beauty in the afterlife.
They bring all of the benefits to your space as fresh flowers, without requiring time to care for them,
They are actually cost effective, because they last longer than any other natural flower bunch, making for the perfect piece of décor, or gift for anyone.

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