Everasting flowers last longer than any other natural flowers. They are Preserved and dried. 

A FEW TIPS to look after everlasting flowers-
To make sure that you get the most out of your forever flowers- they need to be:

Moved out of direct sunlight regularly.
Out of the wind to avoid breakage.
Away from Wet/ Damp/ Moist conditions (This includes weather).
Away from an air con/ bathroom/ laundry/ fish tank/ tap due to humidity and water evaporation, to avoid mould and stem breakdown.
Away from too many chemicals and fresh paint.

If you take care of your dried and preserved natural flowers and don't move them around very often and be careful of the conditions that the flowers are kept in you will get a very long time with your natural flowers, in comparison to anything fresh!

The smaller fragile stems will gradually break down first, and can be as early as 3-4 months after purchase. Even so, the arrangement will hold their shape and overall design and vibe for UP TO 6 years with bigger stems lasting the longest.
Colours will fade, and oxidize over time and may start to crack, change colour and even matte together over time.

We do NOT guarantee the life span of any of our flowers or stems, because they are REAL & NATURAL. Not plastic or man made, and are individual. Which is actually the beauty in them, if you ask me!

We believe that OUR suppliers have very good reputations and have a VERY high standard of quality! That we proudly pass on to you in our creations.

If SOME of the stems in your arrangements are FINALLY coming to the end of their lives, you can purchase individual stems in our stem bar to replace those particular stems to keep the look of your beautiful arrangement even longer, and without having to re-buy them again.