We have colour coded the following question sections for easy reference.


Where are you located?
We are based in Lawnton, Brisbane. We do ship our flowers, vases, crystals, homewares and stems AUSWIDE though!
What hours are you open?
You can shop from our online store any time 24/7.
We generally answer questions and enquiries via text any hour of the day or night (0481757933), as long as we are available at that time.

Do you have a physical store?

We do pop-up shops from time to time, but we are mostly online. This gives us the opportunity to keep our prices lower and get orders out faster.
We do have pick up options for those of you who would like to collect.

I need to contact someone as urgently as possible?
Call or text us directly on 0481757933 for an urgent response. If we don't take your call immediately we will call or text back as soon as we can.

Do the flowers come already arranged?
Yes! All of our arrangements are made as shown in the pic on our website. You do NOT need to arrange anything yourself. They can be sent AUSWIDE! already arranged.

Are the bunches online 'pre made' bunches?
Our bunches are all pre-designed. We make to order. So when you place your order we make them as closely to the image online.

Will the flowers ordered online look exactly the same as what I receive?
The flowers are all handmade with natural stems, so there will always be slight variances, because in nature no stem is exactly the same... Otherwise yes, we send our florals arranged the same way as what is shown online.
If you have any specific questions or concerns about your arrangement, please contact us before you place your order to ensure your arrangement can be made exactly the same.
Before placing your order please look over the variant report. (link is here) https://beachtobloom.com.au/pages/agreement

Does the flower arrangement come with the vase/ pot?
If its a POTTED arrangement it will come with the vase shown.
Most of our descriptions will say if it comes with a vase or not.

How long will the flowers last?
Dried flowers last longer than any other REAL flowers! They are NOT plastic, so they will eventually start to break down, but these are SUCH great value, because they can give from 3 months- 5 years of beauty.
More info in this link:

Do dried flowers have a smell to them?
Dried natural flowers will have a pleasant scent, as they are real! The smell is a lot less strong than when they are fresh. Preserved flowers may have a slight scent to them, but shouldn't be strong or unpleasant.

Can dried flowers and preserved flowers be cleaned?
Yes, its super easy! We recommend a light blow over with the blow drier. Use a cool setting, and low force to make sure you don't damage any stems.
You can use a dry chux-towel to wipe if needed too.

Why are some arrangements expensive?
Dried and preserved flowers are generally a bit more expensive than fresh flowers, this is because they have been processed to last a long time.
They last a lot longer than a fresh bunch, so when you calculate how much you spend replacing your fresh bunches every couple of weeks, we are sure you will find that dried flowers are a great investment.
Some of our bunches are bigger and fuller than others. 
We base our cost of what stems are used and how full the arrangement is.
We aim to keep costs as low as possible, while providing beautiful florals with the best quality stems.

I need help choosing a bunch for my space.
We love to help style your space, shoot us a text on 0481757933 with a pic of your space and a rough idea of budget and we will help you choose the perfect bunch OR make you something customised for you.

Why are dried flowers good for your energy.
Because they bring nature into your home. They are made with natures treasures, and having these in your home can help you feel connected to the earth and each other. They can remind us of how lucky we are to have so much beauty around us, and gives us a sense of contentment in our home.


I would like to add a note for a card, is that possible?

Yes, simply leave a note in the notes or comments section, and we will add this to a plain card for you, with no additional charge. If you would like to purchase a beautifully wrapped card with a tiny floral arrangement on the envelope you can purchase a card for $6.00.

I don't want the receipt to be included.
We do not EVER include the receipt. You will have that in your email. 

What is included in the package? 
Your bunched floral arrangement will be packed with tissue and secured in the box.
If its a POTTED arrangement it will be secured by biodegradable peanuts, for their protection. You will get a care card for arrangements, and any other brand cards we have.
You will not get a printed receipt.

Can the flowers be delivered in person, rather than in a box?
We can do that, depending where the delivery is. This does need to be checked in advance with us before placing the order if this is strictly required. 04817579333.
Unpacking the florals is a wonderful experience, as they are always packaged beautifully, if they do need to be sent in the box.

Why are dried flowers great as gifts?.
Not only does everyone love the beautiful beach-boho vibe of dried flowers, they last for years, and require no care or attention. Your recipient will love the flowers for years and every time they look at them they will think of you and the sentiment of the flowers. 


How do you send your flower arrangements?
Our packages are all sent with our main goal in mind- to be as ECO- FRIENDLY as we can be while delivering flowers anywhere in AUS in perfect condition, by using cardboard packaging and biodegradable packing peanuts. This allows us to ship all of our floral items, as well as our fragile pots AUSWIDE safely, and while maintaining flawless quality and without added plastics.
If you would like your flowers to be delivered without a box- in person, please contact us BEFORE you place your order to check that we can do this in your local area.
This will only be available for Brisbane, and North Brisbane flower deliveries.

If your item can be delivered locally by us- you will NOT receive a box- in attempt to save waste.
Please contact in if you would like to request a box on 0481757933 as soon as you place your order.

Once you place your order you will be emailed a notification.
We start arranging in numerical order, so your order may be ready as soon as 4 hours, or at the latest 10 business days (depending on our demand).
If you require an urgent order to be made please call us on 0481757933 to be sure that we can fit you in urgently.
As soon as your order is ready you will be emailed or texted automatically from our website to let you know! YAY!
You can organise pick up by following the prompts in your notification email/ or replying to the text you receive… Or wait excitedly for the package to arrive, depending if you chose pick up or delivery.
To know more about time frames for preparation time and shipping time- please click here.

How much is shipping?
Shipping costs are based on the size of the bunch you choose and the distance it is going. The best way to know is to add the bunch to the cart and add the delivery address- to check.
Bigger bunches or bunches travelling far will cost more.
You can choose standard or express shipping at the checkout too, express is faster delivery and will cost more than standard.

Do you send flowers to my area?
We ship our floral arrangements AUSWIDE! Even the ones in vases! We pack everything carefully with protective biodegradable packaging to ensure it gets to you in perfect condition, anywhere in AUSTRALIA!

How do I know know when my order has been sent?
You will be notified as soon as the order has been sent with a tracking number. This will be sent to your email. Please check junk mail if you can't find this email.

How do I know when my order is ready for pick up?
You will be sent an automated email AND a text with your options for pick up times. Please respond to the text to organise picking up at a time that suits you
Pick up is generally at Brendale or Lawnton, based on your preference for location and time frame. 

I would like to place an order but I need my arrangement today/ tomorrow, is that possible?
We generally only take up to 4 hours to make your arrangements! However, we do state that we requite UP to 5 business days to prep orders when we are busy, as we do all of your orders in numerical order.
If you want to place an urgent order we recommend that you get in touch BEFORE placing your order to be sure we can fit it for you. We always aim to help you with urgent orders where we can. (0481757933)

I would like a same day delivery, or an exact date delivery, is that possible?
We can normally accommodate for that, depending on where the order is going. 
If you require a last minute bunch to be delivered on the same day that you order, or you would like to get a bunch delivered on a specific day ONLY- Please contact us (0481757933) before you place your order to be sure we can do that, and inform you if there are any additional costs with your urgent delivery.

I haven't received a tracking number or my package yet.
If it's still within 7 business days since you placed the order, and you have not previously organised a speedy delivery- it's likely that the order has not been sent yet. 
You will be automatically sent a tracking number as soon as the order is sent. 
If it is after 7 business days, and you have not got a tracking number (and you have checked your junk inbox) please contact us with your full name, and or the  order number which can be found in your confirmation email. (0481757933).

I only received part of my order
Some times we have to send part of your order in a separate box- you have multiple items. We will put a sticker on your boxes that say "multiple box delivery", so if you receive one box you know the other one is still on the way.


I would like to have a custom bunch made, Is that possible?
Sure is! Keep in mind we ONLY use died and preserved real flowers.
Simply get in touch with us to get a quote. We will require the following info:
The colours you like, that size you like, if you want a bunch for your own vase or if you want it in a vase provided by us, and your rough budget. We also would like to see some pics of arrangements you've saved that you like- to give us an idea of your style and vibe.
How long do custom arrangements take to make? 
Please talk to our team to get an exact time frame. 
unless you request a specific date we may take longer than normal with customs. 
Custom arbours can take 1+ months if we are waiting on things your florals require to clear customs or come in specifically for you. 
However, if we know that you need it for a specific date  we will let you know immediately if we can make your order in time. 
If you do not request a completion date, your items are likely to take 1-6 weeks, depending on how big your order is, and how busy we are during that time. 

I would like to make my own bunch, is that possible?
Yes! get in touch with your creative side, girl!! You can shop our stem bar, and just choose the stems you want to use.
You can also leave a note in the comment section of the order if you want us to arrange and tie the stems for you.

I love a flower arrangement you have online, but would like to make some changes or change the vase, is that possible?
It sure is!! We are happy to help you create something perfect for you! 
Just contact us before placing your order. (0481757933).

Can I bring my own vase?
YES!! If you are local you can drop a vase off to us and we will create something to fit your vase perfectly. 
If you are not local you can send a vase... but we do recommend you make sure you have the right packing materials to be sure your vase does not break. We are not responsible for the safe arrival of your vase if you send it.
Alternatively, send us a pic of the vase and the measurements and we can create something to fit.
Contact us on 0481757933 to organise.

I have seen a picture of an arrangement I would love, can you make it for me!?
We will recreate any bunch we can. However as creatives we will always make the arrangement our own, and will have some slight changes. We can capture the essence of the arrangement, and use similar stems but will make some changes to ensure we are making unique arrangements.
How do I order a custom arrangement?
1. Contact us with an outline of what you are after, what colours and size (even better if you can offer a pic of bunches you’ve seen that you like & or pics of where the bunch is going). 
2. Let us know if you want us to make a bunch for you to put into your own vase or if you want us to build the arrangement into a pot or vase provided by us. 
If you have a vase please also send us a pic and the measurements. 
3. Please provide a rough budget that you intend to spend. We can make any arrangement bigger and fuller or smaller to suit your budget. 
4. If you need the arrangement ready by a deadline please include this info also, and whether you are going to collect from us at Lawnton or have it shipped to you. 
When we have this info we can confirm a quote. 
When you are happy with what we can offer and we have confirmed details and quote we will offer you a link to pay for your arrangement.
Once payment is made we start working on your arrangement and send pics to you while we make it so that you can provide feedback and be part of the creative process. 
We will make sure you are happy with the arrangement before pick up or shipping is provided, by allowing up to 3 creative changes without addition charge. 
We always discuss what you want before creating the order, and get a good idea of what you are after. 
If you do happen require more than 3 creative changes after the item is made, there can be further charges for the time spent on the item. 
Order time frame will be quoted to you, but most orders will be ready within 1-10 business days. Unless this is an urgent order which will have to be discussed prior to payment being made. 
Large custom pieces can take one month + to send off depending on the time of year and our demand. 
If you require something for a certain date you will need to specify that before we accept your order. 
Thank you. 

Custom order Disclaimer:
(For anyone who is known to be a lil bit fussy/ knows exactly what they want. ) 
Please keep in mind when ordering a custom. We ask you for any information that is important to you , before we accept your order.  We will get a complete brief and overview of what you require. 
Its important to mention (at this time) what you do or don’t want, if you have specific things that you require. 

We then make your arrangement as close to your specifications as we can, and allow you to request up to 3 creative changes when we send the final pictures to you.
We want you to love what you get every time!!! So we will work with you and create something made with lots of love. 

We deal with Dried real flowers so they have their own shapes and sizes and will all be different due to being natural. 
So when using them we can only control to a certain degree. Please consider this before buying dried flowers. 

If you change your mind about your brief/ colours/ style, after we have created the flowers. Or request more than 3 creative changes we will need to speak on the phone to make sure we are on the right track. 
Based on what further requirements you have, or requests made we may also have to quote you for any additional extra time that may need to be spent in the item after that before going forward with the additional changes requested. 

That was a lot of words simply say. We want to make it perfect! Tell us as much as you can about what you want if you are a person who is very specific. So we can get it right for you, this is our only goal!  :)


Do you do wedding bouquets?
Yes we do! We are so honoured to be considered to help you create the perfect flowers for your special day! Just contact us to discuss your overall look and style and budget to see what we can do for you. (0481757933).
We don't have any strict packages, we work with your individual style and event. Bridal bunches generally range from $110-$300, but can be customised to suit your budget and taste!
What is the process for placing a wedding order?
First - We will ask you a few questions to find out your goals, style, colours, vibe, rough budget and wedding date. 
We find out how many bunches/ bouquet/ boutonnières etc that you need. 
We show you what we can do within your budget while reaching your goals. 

We will then generally quote what we think your order will cost based on your goals and budget (after getting a good idea of what you are after). 

If you secure your booking with us- we then start prepping your order and getting the pieces together that we will need to create your customised wedding package.

Then- closer to the date we get in touch again & then start making your order. 

We stand out from other florists because we then send photos to you as we create your bunches. We KNOW how important it is for a bride to be to have peace of mind, by being able to look at what’s being created and have the opportunity to provide feedback and request changes if necessary. 
We want your wedding flowers to have YOUR vision and  style in them. 

We allow up to 3 style changes if necessary at no extra charge.

We fill the bunches with stems to the value that you are quoted. You can decide then to add more stems additionally or remove stems and be refunded for those removed. 

When your order is all finalised and you are happy with the final product- we then organise a pick up date or we send off to you anywhere in AUS in time for your wedding.
 Wedding packages are all real & dried/ preserved so can be sent AUSWIDE and will last years to count. 
Do you send wedding orders to the venues?
Yes, for almost any order. Depending what you have ordered we may have to discuss the shipping rate before you place the order. It is best to check with us before placing your order.

How much time will I have to give for wedding orders?
We suggest giving as much notice as possible. You don't have to pick up immediately, but it is a good idea to secure your order early to ensure that we can fit it in. 
Unless you are ordering bunches on our website, you'll have to get in touch before placing an order for weddings anyway- so we can confirm if we can fit your wedding order in. 

Why are dried flowers great for wedding bouquets?
Not only do they look incredible, and give a soft, beachy-boho vibe, they last for years to come. You can keep them in your home as a beautiful reminder of your special day!

Do you make boutonnières?
Yes we do, but only as part of a wedding order. We only make boutonnieres for a wedding order placed with us, we can't match boutonnieres to bunches made elsewhere.  

I have received flowers for my wedding from somewhere else, but I would like you to change them around and add to them, is that possible?
Yes, provided we have the ability to fit you in. If you are local you can bring the florals to us to adjust for you and add more stems to the bunches for you.
If you live far away we can send you additional stems that you can add to your bunches. 
You will need to contact us to discuss any terms with this service in advance. 0481757933
Wedding orders must be paid in full and can not be refunded as the items are organised for you After payment is made. 


Are the pampas grass stems real?
Yes we do not ever use faux stems. we don't think anything beats the real thing!

Is pampas grass messy?
Not really, surprisingly! When you first receive it we do recommend opening the box outside and giving the stems a slight shake/ twist to let any loose spurs come off without messing your house.
Once they are set up in your vase and your not moving them around too much they hardly make any mess!

How do I get my pampas stem fluffy!
They do come in to us flat packed, so they are not going to be fluffy as soon as you take them out of the box. You will need to let them sit in the vase for a couple of weeks.
To get them fluffy faster you can place them in the sun, or blow dry them with a warm setting on your hair drier.. on a low pressure setting.
This is probably best done outside to avoid mess on the floor.

What size are the pampas grass stems?
We have multiple types of pampas and different colours and sizes.
We have the size listed for each type either in the title or description of the item.

Do you send pampas everywhere?
If you place an order for pampas in an area where pampas is not allowed to be sent we will contact you to organise a refund or exchange at your choice. 

My vase is really tall, will the pampas be tall enough?
Our pampas varieties vary in size. But if you find the pampas are too short you can fill the bottom of the vase with tissue/ sand/ rocks/ newspaper etc...
Toward the top of the vase add some florist foam and push the stems into that.
This creates height, as the stems do not go all the way to the base of the vase.


Do you make flowers that I can hang on my wall or on a sign for an event? 
Yes! We sure do! All of our floral arbours are made ready to simply hang on a hook on your wall.
They are NOT heavy so a basic picture frame hook is fine!
If the arbour is to be attached to anything else, please contact us before placing your order so that we can be sure that its made ready for you to hang easily.

How do I order an arbour?
All of our floral wall hangs can be customised to suit your goals and budget.
We have some popular styles online ready to order and hang. But if you need something customised in colour, size, style or to suit a budget please contact us before placing your order.

How much are floral arbours to order?
This depends completely on how large the arbour is AND how FULL the arbour is. The more stems that are required, the more expensive it is.
You can either contact us for a quote if you give us an idea of what look you are going for either with measurements and some pics of the colours and style you would like. Or contact us with your budget and we can give you an idea of what you can get for your budget.
Rough prices are as follows:
40cm- 90-$150
60cm- $120-$225
80cm- $210-$390
1m+ - $390+


Dried flowers are highly flammable. Keep away from fire.

If your pets or kids are in the stages of putting things in their mouths- keep the flowers away from them. Some flowers and stems in general can effect people or animals. 

Don't put the florist foam in the waterways.

Recycle packaging when you can.