Bush pampas- (pick up only) 2- 2.1 M tall

Bush pampas- (pick up only) 2- 2.1 M tall

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Natural dried pampas grass stem tall at 2m+..

These tall pampas grass stems are thin and stand at approx 2 M- 2.1 M tall.
They can be trimmed from the stick end to shorten if needed and look amazing in a tall floor vase.

Style with Dried palm fronds for a minimalist and simple beachy vibe.

These stems will last UP TO 6 years as they are dried and natural.

Most popular for home decor, corporate spaces, weddings, and events.

All-natural and long-lasting dried and preserved stems.
Strictly NO plastic or artificial stems.

Perfect for your simply beautiful home, somewhere between the beach and the bush.

Approximately 2m- 2.1.m tall in total.
sold per stem



Some pampas may have extra shells/husks around the stem. Depending on the season. 
this can be kept on if you prefer, or it might come off naturally. 
this doesn’t effect the overall look of the pampas. 
it’s just a natural variation found in nature. 
We do not consider the addition husk around the stem to be faulty if it comes away from the stem.

We do our best to match your pampas stems shade and texture, however as these are a natural item please expect some slight variance in shade and texture. 
No single pampas is identical to the next. 
We aim to match stems as closely as we can in colour, but please know that all stems are natural and can vary slightly in colour, before making your purchase.

Contact us to customize the size or request customizing details.

Not Included.

Before purchasing any items from Beach to bloom, please ensure that you agree with our terms and conditions.